About ext3Viewer

The main goal of the ext3Viewer project is to give the user the possibility to explore the ext3 filesystem at a low-level.

The ext3 filesystem uses metadata to organize files and to preserve its integrity. This metadata is not accessible to the normal user.

ext3Viewer has been designed for computing science students who already know ext3. It enables them to access all the opaques structures of their partition, so they can have a better understanding of the physical storage of the data.


This project has moved to github.

The latest release is ext3Viewer 1.0.2. You can download it here.

Send all ext3Viewer-related subjects to ext3viewer_AT_free_DOT_fr


If you see any bug, please send us a mail that explains how you have discovered it.


ext3Viewer is distributed under the GNU public license. See the file COPYING in the tarball for details.
Copyright © 2007 Laurent Sebag & Nathan Periana


Thanks to Konstantin Verchinine and Andrei Paskevich from whom we have learned a lot. Thanks to Julien Poitrat for his original idea and his e2view project (2003).


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